The project

The Project:

This current project focused on epidemiological study of the increasing emergence, high prevalence, and spread of multi-drug resistant (MDR) skin diseases in the province of Sindh. It addressed wide spread infectious diseases caused by fungal and bacterial pathogens, with significant morbidity and mortality in a large segment of the population, and a high economic cost due to resistance. The anticipated results of the study are highly relevant to society in terms of reducing the burden of diseases and sufferings in impoverished population of rural areas, and in terms of reducing medical costs associated with treating opportunistic infections. In this study, ethnobotanical medicinal practices in Sindh against the skin diseases will be collected, documented, scientifically evaluated, and publicized for IPR protection.

Project Objectives:

Following were the objectives of our study:

  • To conduct epidemiological study on the prevalence of various skin diseases in the province of Sindh through systematic field-based survey.
  • To identify and record plant species used in folk medicines against fungal infections.
  • To identify biomarkers of drug sensitivity and resistance in diseases causing microorganisms.
  • To identify potential novel natural products/ plant extract for future drug candidates against skin diseases and to develop them for clinical trials.
  • To carryout scientific evaluation of selected medicinal plants to ascertain the efficacy and safety.
  • To launch a web portal and compile a monograph on the ethnobotanical practices Sindh against skin diseases.